Meet the AK K9 Pack

  • Abi

    Owner & Founder

    Dog Trainer and lover, keen on helping people to understand their canine companions. 

  • Xena

    Head Sofa Sleeper, Ball Chaser & Stooge Dog

    Xena is a female 4.5 year old Rotticorso (Rottweiler x Cane Corso). She is the eldest of Abi's pack and is the main reason Abi became a trainer. This beautiful beast has not always been so well trained. A lot of mistakes were made in her early years. Hence Abi's need to learn more. Which led to her becoming a trainer. 

  • Nellie

    Chief Treat Tester, Toy Destroyer, & Head Stooge Dog

    Approx 4 year old Rescue Rottie. This gorgeous goofball has been in Abi's Pack since November 2018. Previously extremely Human Reactive. 

  • Giddy

    Emissary to the Queen & Stooge Dog

    Gideon Golygus (KC name) aka Giddy is a male 1.5 year old Pembroke Corgi. Like his sisters, he works as a Stooge Dog (training assistant) for Abi. He might also be debuting in the show ring in the future.